One counts 5 currents, schools of Tai Chi Chuan: Schools : Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun, Li. Of the other currents resulting from the principal schools are Wudang, Huao, Cheng Man-ching… Untcc results from the Yang school.

The Yang school includes many disciplines of Tai Chi Chuan. Disciplines with naked hands, only, to two, with short weapon, arms long, slow, fast sequences. The common base of all these disciplines is the movement full, flexible, harmonious, round but precise, fast, vigorous and effective on the martial level.

The Yang school is most widespread and most popular. In 1960, Master Tung Ying Chieh amply took part in its popularization by opening a school intended for the greatest number with Hong Kong.

This time when all goes so quickly, where the knowledge and Arts circulates without borders, allowed us to learn this Art which is Tai Chi Chuan. That thanks to the precursors: popularizers of a "reserved" teaching and with the Westerners curious about the lesson of the Far East, which it is materialized for us by Maître Hu Ling Tung and Michèle Roldes.

There are not the maid or bad school. Isha Schwaller De Lubicz said that :
« How much men seek the truth? How much let themselves control by love of equity, without threat of the punishment? Am the call of your heart, it leads you towards truest . »

Then it does not matter the school, the style, to let itself lead by its heart is right, to feel by ourself what is appropriate and to follow the radiation of Art, the school, the style which attracts us like the sunl.

« If the sun did not heat the ground, could the palm tree push? Could the dates mature ? »
If Tai Chi Chuan did not heat the student, could it progress and bear the fruits of the transmission, or the good being for him even ?

Tai chi Chuan, like the sun in old Egypt, while remastering single, can have three forms and generate various effects; sun raising, with the zenith or setting.
«And however, this creative Sun, this vivifying Sun, this destroying Sun, isn't it always the sun ? »

It is known as about these three sun shapes :
« … the wise ones gave him various names according to its forms: if it generates the world, it is Khepri in the shape of the beetle; as vivifying king it is Râ, but one adds to it the shape of the viper of which perhaps mortal venom; at the end of the day it is tired, as well as an old man, and its name becomes Toum. »
Even in these three forms; creator, vivifying, destroying, it is the sun. Whatever the schools and the styles, the tai chi chuan remasters single.

Our school, Untcc, in the lineage de l’école of the Yang school, makes a point of remastering creative and vivifying, because Tai Chi Chuan which are taught there, reheating and nourishes gradually and harmoniously the people who devote themselves to her practice. We do not hesitate to divide, communicate, exchange and with going to the meeting of the other groups of tai chi chuan and of the martial arts affinitaires.

Référence bibliographique
Her-Bak "pois chiche"
Isha Schwaller De Lubicz

1955 Flammarion, Paris
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