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Michele ROLDES, sporting since her childhood, met for the first time Taï Chi Chuan in 1968, while following a not very ordinary course.

Since, she was caught of passion for Tai Chi Chuan, she did not cease practising, being formed, promoting this Art and teaching it. Since 1968, almost each year, she made long stays of several months in the USA , near Master Mary Chow, of Master Hu Lin Tung then of Master Kaï Ying Tung, his son.

She was initiating first voyage of Master Kai Ying Tung in Europe, by inviting it for he meets his students and that those also possibilté to meet it, to follow its courses, in particular to France. Then in addition to the formations which it followed to the U.S.A., it it also followed during its various displacements to Europe: Denmark, Italy ...

It is difficult to summarize a one half-century old then course I will tell you some annecdotes which marked out it.

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Of the teaching of Master Mary Chow, she collects of it the training of the energy bonds which connect the bodies to the practised movements.

Of that of Master Hu Lin Tung, fluidity, roundness, to inspir it and expir it movement, the principle of at the same time breaking vagueness and reserve.

And of the teaching of Master Kaï Ying Tung, precision in mobility, effectiveness of the gesture, orientations with the cardinal points, the martial aspect..

The approach of the study of Taï Chi Chuan, near three large Masters of the same style, then enabled him to seek and discover by a personal intesive work of the other facets of this Art.


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