Untcc makes it possible to its members to meet characters, personalities, speakers related to the practice of the tai chi chuan.

They can make party of the medium of the Martial arts or related fields.

These meetings are organized in the shape of conferences, training courses, seminars, workshop of discovered or in the form of promotion of the personalities which we appreciate.

Here the profil of Pierre PORTOCARRERO which we invited on several occasions on the councils of Michele ROLDES so that it makes us share his knowledge, his techniques.
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+33 145 271 094

He begins the martial arts in 1968, at the 13 years age, by the judo and Wado Ryu Karaté Do, with Henri REMENS.
This practice very quickly becomes a passion for all that touches the martial arts of Far East, technique, history, culture, philosophy…

He follows many training courses of various experts of Karate to France, in the years 1970 (Mochizuki, Nambu, Habersetzer, …)

It is his meeting with Sensei Tsuneyoshi Ogura which will be, for him, decisive.
This last coming to France in 1972 on the initiative from Henry PLEE, appeared a true practical and technical encyclopaedia martial arts and a teacher charismatic.

Under the direction of this Master, guest several times in France, in particular by Mr. Roland Habersetzer, he will undertake a formation and a trade-guild which will carry out him to Japan, in Okinawa, Taiwan and Hong Kong, ten time between 1977 and 1993.

He will begin Tai Chi Chuan in Tokyo with Master Yang Ming Shi and Pakua Chang with Tadahiko Ohtsuka and Wang Shu Chin, in 1982.


Ogura Master decrees the licence of teaching to him, authorizing it to transmit the teaching received in 1988.

For 20 years, hehas directed many training courses to France like to the foreigner, as well with his direct students as with various groups whose teachers are friends open to the research and the diversity of the martial approaches (Classic arts of the CAT, Etki, Untcc, A.m.i.e., Sakura, …)

Author of many articles in the specialized reviews of French language.

Participant in multiple demonstrations including five times at the Festival of the Martial arts of Paris-Bercy.


Accustomed to a personalized and major teaching, he is wary of the large gas works which are the federations, especially when they start to want all to monopolize, level and format.

Remain convinced after all his years of practice, research, exchange and galère, that only the individual richness of each practitioner can give a real value to a discipline, training course, school that it which is and by the same one with the titles, diplomas and other ranks accompanying them.

Consequently, "exchange and mutual prosperity" are a maxim which can take all its direction.

We also appreciate at Pierre his direction of humour, the analysis, the criticism and its talents of imitator.



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