T Chi Chuan
The slow set


The slow part of Taï Chi Chuan is a very precise sequence of movements which fall under a soft mobility, combining at the same time the gesture and the thought in the heart of an apparent immobility.

The important thing is to let itself float, as one would do it on a wave, while remaining conscious, interiorized. It is initially the practice of the slowness which allows the awakening of the details of the movements and this pleasing conscience the center.

It in this practice a bond trés there narrow wrist/ankle, elbow/knee, shoulder/hip with the tree of life: the spinal column.

Around this axis articulate themselves in perfect harmony, the top and bottom, before and the back of the body, the left and the right-hand side, the whole related thanks to a rooting in the ground by a bending of the knees and an adherence of the foot to the ground.

As a tree with its roots, its trunk, its branches, its sheets, the body takes its place and evolves/moves, rocked by mobility the gesture and the interior music.

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