T Chi Chuan
The twin-hooked sword


This discipline uses all the basic elements as well as most complex of Taï Chi Chuan and makes it possible to the practitioner to adapt to this different shape of weapon, with its utilities. A Twin-Hooked Sword with a complex form, it is sharp on several points and in a different way.

This discipline, with a Twin-Hooked Swordin each hand, combines all the knowledge acquired by the forms with hand-naked of course but also of all the weapons learned as a preliminary; sabre, sword, sticks.

Each facet of the bill hooks is used ;
- the pointed part of the Twin-Hooked Swordin the attack: the thorough one
- the central part of the Twin-Hooked Swordin the attack: avoided and the in a hurry one
- the bent part of the Twin-Hooked Swordin the attack: the drawn one

In displacements in diagonals, in addition to these principles, one adds to it mowing, the slit and to gather it.

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