T Chi Chuan
The tui shu


The tui shu is a work with two, with fixed or mobile steps, linear displacements or in the four angles. The tui shu highlights, initially, the first four fundamental principles or the four bridges. To avoid - to push - to press - to draw.

While keeping the conscience of its own play in harmony with that of the partner, it develops in particular the anticipation of the gesture of the other and the perception of its intuition.

When the quatres principles are acquired, Tui Shu opens the doors towards four other paramount aspects: the slit, it to gather, the blow of elbow, the blow of shoulder.

Displacement in the four angles makes it possible to apprehend in agreement with balance the following principles: to draw downwards, gather backwards, to push oblique with the elbow, to press with the shoulder, while preserving to avoid it upwards, draw backwards, to push and press forwards. Then displacement before/back while concervant the contact.

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