T Chi Chuan


The disciplines are the various techniques which the tai chi chuan enables us to work..

Those with naked hands, with partner, one or two short weapons, one or two long weapons or a weapon and a partner.

Each discipline requires pre-necessary, also there is a hierarchy of training of the techniques. That implies that one does not learn how the first sabre without to have acquired the techniques with basic naked hands, which provide thenecessary necessary ones to a good training of the sabre...
Nowadays, from many people want to pass a stage, a test and to obtain a diploma.
Do not forget that in the martial arts, this the Master who etait, in pledge of gratitude for the work of a student and the recognition of this work, offered to the student either his personal weapon, or an emblem of its school, or a parchment certifying its comptences.
Moreover, when Michele ROLDES with met Master Kaï Ying TUNG, he made her share of his astonishment on European operation compared to the diplomas and the ranks to which we stick. He offered to her to each evolution in its practice, the corresponding weapon (sabre, sword, sticks) while laughing and thanking her for hers work. IHe could not offer the pole bus too long to him to transport in its luggage in the plane.
For him, the fact of " to pass " study of a discipline to another was an evolution which was worth all the ranks. She received a traditional teaching, knowing very well the hierarchy of the progression of our disciplines in tai chi chuan: slow, tuishu, rapid, sabre I, family set, sword, ...
Since master Hu Lin TUNG made in the same way with his students and had offered to Michele ROLDES the emblême of his school in pledge of recognition of hers control of Art


du tigre
sur la

In 1978, master Kai Ying TUNG decided, to correspond to the awaited criteria of the Westerners, to create a diploma of its academy and decreed the very first one in Michele ROLDES. But I believe that she is definitely prouder weapons and pledges of recognition which the Masters offered to her.
The judokas, did not have more than two belts: white and black, to see a third, chestnut sometimes. EAnd then with the need for competition of a great number, they founded a new very coloured system; girdle white, yellow, orange, green, blue, maroon, black, then Dans.

Ranks, degrees, Dans, belts and others ....
This system is it useful in tai chi chuan ?
This system will it be imposed to us in France?

Well cavity, not.
That would be really absurd, aberrant
and a proof of a great ignorance of our art.

The race with the ranks is not a real recognition in oneself, because one can be good only one small time. Most important is the regular practice and the personal investment, and for this reason there is no decoration which exists.

If it is not the professor, the Master, who validates that teaching is acquired. It is the result of a continuous training with a regular evaluation, not of examination a one day.
The tai chi chuan to us provided this advance stage by stage, walk by walk, dan by dan, degree per degree, discipline by discipline, very simply.
While following the curve of [Menu of the disciplines] opposite, you will be able to follow the hierarchy of training of the techniques.

The slow set
The tai chi kong
The tui shu
The fast set
The corners
The sabre
The family set
The sword
The san shu
The 2nd sabre
The sticks
The double sabre
The pole
The hard tcc
The Twin-Hooked Sword
The daggers
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